Ways to Reduce the Levels of Triglycerides

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Previously, there were no problems. And in the future will not be. And now, actually, no. There is only some misunderstanding that the level of triglycerides in the blood was higher than a certain level. And you can not say that there is a physiological ambush in this regard – in itself. But there is something unpleasant. And maybe even more … negative. So, we must not allow this. That is, make a high level of triglycerides normal. Now we will begin.

General approach

Have begun. To reduce the level of triglycerides is recommended a trifle – a healthy lifestyle. Healthy weight. Healthy eating (with limited consumption of fat and sugar). Healthy activity – and not only physical. Healthy use of alcohol (minimal, immodesty is categorically excluded). Healthy is not smoking. Healthy everything. Even the details. For example, you can eat only rice and fruits. In principle, it is positive for the heart. Because it lowers the level of fats in the blood. Reduces body weight. But amputates curiosity during the trip to the toilet. At the table, the appetite quickly becomes a kamikaze. Because the traditional culinary raw material for the cooking process requires a lot of fat. And fat is not allowed. Therefore, the taste buds slowly atrophy. For the sake of health. Or for the sake of recipes, which are sure to be found. And then immediately begin to lose weight. Triglycerides will drop. And if they start to be stubborn, you can influence their level directly. Physically. Exercises. Exercises. Exercises. Three times per week. In a sober state. But with a periodic intake of fish oil. Plus salmon, herring, mackerel. Not always tasty, but always effective. And in parallel, you can take medications to reduce triglyceride levels.

Medical care

With the help of a doctor, of course. Because it is he who can prescribe a combination (for example, statins, fibrates, nicotinic acid, fish oil). This will reduce the level of LDL. And the level of triglycerides will automatically decrease. Especially if you are careful about the fibrates. If you are not careful, a question mark can be added to a healthy lifestyle. And then there will be a direct sense to consult a nutritionist.

Dietary option

The consultation will not be difficult. Because again it will touch the table (as if in life there is no other furniture). And as a result, you can get a nice and sometimes delicious list of tuna, salmon, trout, sardines, mackerel, herring, brown rice, oats, egg whites, linseed oil, green peas, spinach, other vegetables, avocados, apples, almonds , low-fat milk …

At the same time, the second list can also materialize: what should be avoided: alcohol, cheese, butter, meat, fatty and fried foods, mayonnaise, margarine, ice cream … Of course, you may not like this limitation. For you (and your triglycides) are accustomed to eat differently – abundantly, with a haze, with cracklings, under a glass … Nothing. Both have got used, and will wean. You personally. A respected triglycerides will get used to more difficult. Therefore, they will have nothing left but to get out. Together with human misunderstanding about this very level. As a result, it stabilizes. And it will become normal. The negative will disappear. Which was to be achieved.


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