How to Start Training if You Are Over 50?


Consultation with your physician is the first thing, to begin with. Of course, you can find a specialist in the gym. But it’s better to go to a well-trusted clinic, undergo a comprehensive examination and evaluate your condition. Also, the doctor will help you come up with an individual program of training taking into account your age, body features, the presence of chronic diseases, etc.

General rules

To deal without harm to health, men and women over 50 must adhere to the following rules.

1. Check with your doctor.
2. Watch for loads. At this age, it is worth practicing two or three times a week. Do not combine several workouts at a time. 3. Avoid high-intensity exercises.
4. Choose a convenient schedule. Doctors advise elderly people to exercise in the morning.
5. Pick the right clothes for classes. They need to be light and comfortable.
6. Drink water while playing sports.

Most importantly, be sure to “listen” to your body. If the load is normal, then continue to do. Did you feel discomfort? If yes, seek the advice from a fitness expert.

Do you want to get healthier and keep your body in good shape? Let’s consider some effective, but simple exercises.

Swimming (water aerobics)

Studies show that 45 minutes of swimming (even in a slow rhythm) allows you to get rid of 300 calories. If you engage in fitness in the water and perform simple exercises, it will help improve muscle tone without creating a serious strain on the joints.


Excellent training, allowing you to tap into virtually all muscle groups. Yoga can seem complicated to beginners. So start to get acquainted with it gradually. Do simple exercises and watch for well-being. One hour of classes will help burn about a hundred calories.


The simplest and most accessible way to keep yourself in shape. Ideal for women and men after 45-50 years. The higher the tempo, the more calories you can burn. You can buy a treadmill and train at home, but it’s better and more useful to workout outdoors.


One of the best exercises for women. Helps improve flexibility and posture.

Do you need strength training after 50 years?

If there are no contraindications and serious health problems, go to the gym and do weight training. They will effectively help remove excess weight and help you achieve a fit body.


If you qualitatively warm up the muscles before training, you can minimize the likelihood of stretching and injury. Never try your hands on heavy dumbbells and barbells while you are starting out. “Work” your way gradually. All the exercises must be performed qualitatively, observing the correct technique. Beginners are advised to use the services of a personal trainer.

People over the age of 50 should not overdo strength training. Attend the sessions 1-2 times a week. The duration of the sessions can be 25-50 minutes. As always, be careful with your health.

Strong growth of muscle mass and an increase in strength is not the main goal for older people attending the gym. Therefore, you want to do exercises for the main muscle groups: back, arms, legs, chest.

The number of approaches is 2-3, repetitions: 10-14.

Day 1

1. Bench bar (lying on the back)
2. Thrust vertical block
3. Exercises with dumbbells
4. Deadlift

Day 2

1. Squats
2. Foot press
3. Draft of the horizontal block
4. Leg bending

Watch what kind of exercise you “give” to the body and how it reacts to them. You can achieve the desired effect, provided that all exercises are done correctly in terms of technique, and the exact weight is chosen.

It is worth noting that in people over 50, the mobility of the joints is much worse than when you are young. Therefore, the amplitude of the movements must be smaller. Do everything slowly, but correctly by technique.

Do not forget that after training you need a qualitative recovery of the body. Exchange processes slow down with age. This also applies to the production of hormones. In older people, recovery takes longer. Therefore, after strength training, make sure to take a rest for 2-3 days.


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