Healing With a Therapeutic Massage


Magic strokes

Massage. If improperly used, there may be weakness, a sense of weakness, and other negative manifestations. With the right – warmth, well-being, tonus. A trifle? May be. However, we will try to understand what exactly a person gets during a massage. And why. So, testing the effect on the skin, on the skin vessels and muscles, on the sweat and sebaceous glands, on the central nervous system, we have:

  • Cleansing of horny scales of the epidermis, from foreign particles in the pores of the skin, from microbes walking on the surface of the skin.
  • Improved secretory function of sweat and sebaceous glands.
  • Activation of lymph circulation and blood circulation of the skin (elimination of venous stasis, increased blood supply to the skin and, improving its nutrition, increasing its resistance to mechanical and thermal effects, improving the tonic and vasomotor functions of lymphatic vessels).
  • Increased musculoskeletal tone (slowing of muscle atrophy, a decrease in hypotrafia, increased muscle capacity, strengthening of the joint-ligament apparatus of the joints).
  • Improvement of local and general metabolism (the skin participates in all metabolic processes of the body).
  • “Burning” of fats, which are in excess quantity in adipose tissue.
  • Revitalization of lost reflexes, improvement of nerve conduction.

Puppet theater without dolls There are many types of massage for today. And each has its own benefits, specifics and testimony.

  • Classic manual massage of problem zones. Mechanical effect on fatty tissue. Improvement of blood circulation in the affected area. Aesthetic effect. Restoring elasticity and elasticity of the skin. But – bruises are not excluded.
  • Massotherapy. Strengthening of blood circulation and outflow of lymph from internal organs and tissues, stimulation of ejection into the blood of biologically active substances, increase of protective forces of the organism.
  • Hardware anti-cellulite massage . The impact is not made by hands, but with the help of vacuum or vibromassers.
  • Rehabilitation massage . Restoration of athletes – after breaks, or operations.
  • Sports massage . Eliminates fatigue, increases the limit of physical performance.
  • Segment reflex massage . Segmental, periosteal connective tissue, shiatsu, others.
  • Cosmetic massage . Anti-aging effect. Hygienic, plastic, medical.
  • Can massage . Hybrid hardware and manual massages. Used “uniqueness” – medical banks. As a result, at first there is a feeling of contraction, and then warmth, relaxation and a slight burning sensation. The cell renewal mechanism is started.
  • Honey massage . It is performed manually, using honey and aromatic essential oils (bees rest). Painful and not suitable for everyone.
  • Spa massage . Affects all senses. Uses various techniques (music, changing color range, aromatherapy, temperature change …). A sea of ​​pleasure, but efficiency is debatable.
  • Hydromassage . Effects on the body – water and air bubbles. The difference in water and body temperature contributes to weight loss. Decently refreshing. But it can be painful.
  • Self-massage . The ability to take care of your body itself – during the treatment of the osteoarticular apparatus, before the competitions, in the baths, saunas and everywhere.


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