Stomach Ulcer Treatment With Diet


A patient suffering from gastric ulcer, in case of an exacerbation of the disease, will have to comply with bed rest in a home or hospital. Moreover, treatment in a hospital, depending on the severity of the course, localization of existing complications and the presence of concomitant diseases, can last up to twenty-five to fifty days.

Diet treatment for patients with peptic ulcer is prescribed and controlled by the attending physician. If there is an exacerbation, it is necessary to use the most sparing variant of dietotherapy which can guarantee the most careful treatment of the stomach – in the chemical, mechanical and thermal terms.

You need to eat a meal, four or five times a day. The diet regime is allowed to be followed for a short time.

The positive effects of diet therapy:

1. Reduces the degree of inflammation of the mucosa;
2. Stimulates reparative (recovery) processes in the mucosa;
3. Reduces the frequency of constipation;
4. Improves appetite;
5. Reduces pain;
6. Reduces the frequency of heartburn;
7. Reduces the frequency of eructation;
8. Improves the general condition of the patient.

Your Diet May Include:

white stale bread;
soup from cereals and vegetables;
cooked porridge;
boiled meat;
boiled fish with a piece;

Eat five to six times a day. In the remission phase, restrictions are lifted, but eating often also occurs. This is due to the fact that food prevents bile and duodenal juice from entering the stomach. In addition, the food reduces the acidity of the stomach contents, not allowing the appearance of heartburn and belching.

Drink mineral water

Patients with stomach ulcers are advised to drink mineral water – thirty minutes or an hour after a meal. If the stomach ulcer is accompanied by low acidity, mineral water will be of great benefit if you drink it twenty or thirty minutes before eating.


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