Ways to Eliminate a Sagging Belly


A sagging belly can become an eternal problem for a woman. But each problem has its own solutions. If you want an extra stomach does not become, you have to work a little over it. It’s worth starting with a theory. In particular, it is worth taking into account that women and men lose weight in different ways, even if they use absolutely the same diet. This is due to the fact that in the body of a male representative there is much more lean tissue on which fat burning depends.

Do I need to remove fat?

Perhaps your attitude to parts of your own body is somewhat far-fetched. Try to calculate how your waist and hips compare. Measure in the thinnest place the circumference of your waist, divide by the circumference of the hips (in this case measure at the widest point). For example, in a woman with a thigh size of ninety-eight centimeters, with a waistline of sixty-eight and a half centimeters, the ratio is seven-tenths – the cause for concern is minimal.

Cardinal approach

It must be said that in an instant the fat on the abdomen will be removed only in one way – surgical. In all other ways to combat fat on the stomach should be taken into account the time factor. A woman can choose one of two possible ways – exercise and diet. But diet, like any other dietary restrictions, can not always bring the desired result. There is a chance to lose some of the weight, which after the termination of the diet is recruited with ease, but the belly is hardly flat, and even on the contrary, will be flabby. This is due to the fact that for the body any diet becomes a shock. After a certain time, the body realizes what the limitations lead to, and it is decided to postpone fat for the reserve.

Physical Loads: Features

To get the stomach flat, you have to use physical activity. But here the woman expects a trick. You can do exercises every day on the press, constantly increase the load, but the stomach will remain unattractive and flabby. In fact, your inflated beautiful press is hiding under a layer of fat.

A flat stomach

To do this, you must try to achieve two goals:

  • swing and continue to maintain the muscle tone of the abdomen;
  • try to reduce the fat layer as much as possible in the abdominal part.

There is no universal exercise for the press. Each person should individually choose a complex, taking into account the constitution of his body, genetic predisposition and some other factors. Man himself is able to determine how to correct this or that exercise, so that it has the maximum effect of you.

How to swing a press

All exercises for the abdominal press are divided into three main types: for the lower, upper press and for the oblique muscles of the abdomen. The most suitable time for training is in the morning on an empty stomach or two or three hours after a meal. In order to make the exercises as effective as possible, we must repeat each exercise twenty-twenty-five times, and start with two approaches. Increase the load every week.


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