How to Muscle Pump the Right Way?


Every spring, often a person faces a difficult choice: whether to go on a diet or start to muscle pump. Specialists believe that one does not interfere with other, the main thing is to do everything correctly. Doctors, however, warn that only diligently selected diet and reasonable physical effort can promote health and strengthen the body.

How to muscle pump correctly?

Change the diet

It is many times more useful to change the diet. Stay away from salty, fatty, and smoked foodstuffs. You need to eat more fruits, cereals, vegetables. With the processes of pumping muscles the same story. It is desirable to engage in fitness and build your figure under the supervision of a competent instructor.

Fitness at home: Typical Mistakes

Exercises usually begin with stretching and warm-up. If the lessons are under the supervision of the coach, you can grab the leg from behind with your hands and pull it upward while stretching the quadriceps – the front surface of the thighs. However, doctors believe that such a stretch is a big mistake. Due to the excessive pressure on the knee joint, the exercise provokes trauma and the appearance of periodic pain.

How to practice correctly?

You have to kneel, put your hands on the floor behind you and deviate as far as you can back. There should be a tension in the quadriceps.

Squats with a barbell is a classic exercise for strengthening the muscles of the legs and back. A typical mistake is too deep squats, which can also have an undesirable strain on your knees. It is more correct to put the feet on the width of the shoulders and do shallow squats at an angle of ninety degrees, with the back to hold vertically. At the crotch – inhale, stand up – exhale.

How to perform a bench press?

A bench press is a popular exercise that helps pump pectoral muscles and biceps. If you choose an overly heavy bar, you can dangerously load connective tissue of the neck and back, and the result will not be achieved. The fact is that the incorrectly selected weight inhibits the growth of the shoulder girdle and pectoral muscles.

It’s better to choose an adequate weight and use a bench at an angle of thirty degrees. The barbell should be slightly wider than the shoulders, and the elbows should be spread apart at right angles to the body. Keep your back firmly against the bench.

When you shake a press, try to hold on to your ears

A typical mistake can be considered girth around the neck, often this leads to stretching of the muscles. To have a thin waist and cubes on the abdomen, it is not necessary to fully rise from the prone position, it is enough to stop halfway. In this case, the burning of fat is more effective, and the muscles of the press are better able to work out.

It is necessary to perform this exercise smoothly, without jerking, to rise only due to the tension of the muscles of the press. Keep your hands on the back of your head, but do not hold your fingers around the neck.


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