Low Impact Workouts for Obesity: Do They Work?

low intensity workouts

There are several exercises which are considered as low impact exercises, which obese persons can perform in order to improve their fitness. Such exercises could be accomplished with or without any equipment. These include walking, swimming, yoga, hiking, aqua jogging, tai chi, etc. These exercises could be done without any particular device or equipment.

Few that might need some equipment to big machines are strength training workouts, rowing machines, cycling, kayaking, etc.

Benefits of Low-Intensity Workouts

Increased Flexibility

Individuals who suffer from obesity need to perform exercises that can improve their flexibility. Exercises like pilates, tai chi, & yoga.can also help minimize back pain, boost circulation, minimize muscle tension and stress, and avoid injury.

Reduced Pain during Exercises

High impact workouts can be very sore for obese individuals. Trying to do such types of workouts when you’re obese may seriously increase the amount of pain during & post a workout session. Low impact workouts are actually suggested as a measure of pain management schedule for individuals suffering from chronic issues & medical illnesses such as fibromyalgia. Swimming, aqua jogging & water aerobics are some of the top exercises which obese persons may perform in order to avoid pain at the time of exercise. Other options can be walking, using elliptical machines & using recumbent bikes.

Easy on the joints of Obese Persons

Obese persons are likely to experience pain in their feet, knees, back, as well as hips after doing high impact workouts. They might also suffer fatigue & severe pain in their muscles. Hence, it is recommended to choose low impact workouts instead, since they exert less pressure on the joints.

Better Strength

Quite a few folks think high impact workouts are best for muscle building. The fact is that many weight training workouts are low impact workouts, hence it is not at all necessary to do high impact exercises in order to build muscles.

Preferring to go with low impact exercises is the best choice for those suffering from obesity. Such exercises provide many advantages. Low impact workouts help boost muscle strength, enhance flexibility, reduce the pain suffered during exercise, and are less demanding on the joints.


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