Ways to Burn Calories In The Workspace


A lot of people today have to spend all day in the office in front of the computer. Of course, from a permanent sitting suffers health – the back and neck are aching, the legs are numb, the muscles are numb. In addition, from a sedentary lifestyle can quickly recover. Are there ways to move more and burn extra calories right in the workplace?

If you do everything possible to allocate time for physical activity before work or after work, it’s wonderful. But finding time for exercise can be problematic for those who have a busy schedule. Why not do your figure while you are at work? Believe me, this is possible thanks to our advice.

1: Make the road more physically active

Try to start to go to work on foot or by bike. If you live very far and drive by bus or subway, get out a few blocks earlier than usual, and go the rest of the way. Park the car somewhere far away. Go to work on the stairs, and not on the elevator.

2: Look for opportunities to stand and walk around

You will burn more calories standing than sitting. Stand while talking on the phone. Eat lunch standing. Instead of writing to a colleague in another office or even across the desk, it’s better to get up and walk. If you need to go to the toilet, select the one that is located on the top floor, and go there on foot. During a lunch break, take a walk in the park or go to a coffee shop with a colleague.

3: Make Fitness Breaks

Instead of chattering in the corridor with coffee, try to get out and quickly walk around or do some simple exercises. For example, sit upright, then turn your neck in different directions, several times lower your chin to your chest. Or, standing, take one of your ankles and lift it to the buttocks. Hold for 15-30 seconds. Pull well.

4: Keep the fitness equipment in the work area

There are tubes or elastic cords that resist when you pull them. Place them in a desk or cabinet drawer. Exercise this way in a break between meetings or paper work.

5: Take the pace

If your work involves walking, do it faster. The more you walk and the higher your pace, the more calories you burn. Remember that any physical activity in the workplace plays a role!

6. Drink hot natural drinks

Several times during the day, drink natural coffee or green tea without sugar to warm up the body and increase metabolism.

7. Use the mini stepper

Using a mini-stepper under the table helps to increase power consumption. According to a study by Dr. Levin published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, with the help of this stepper you can burn an additional 100 calories per hour.


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