The Right Way to Influence Your Body and Mind


It has long been known that absolutely everything is subject to our consciousness, including control of our body and its transformation. With the help of the power of thought, you can lose extra pounds, become more attractive and even higher. But not everyone knows that this connection also works in the opposite direction – by improving and changing your body, you can change consciousness.

First, determine what you are missing, and what you want to work on. One of the most vivid examples is the increase of flexibility of consciousness with the help of stretching. If you feel that you have become a hostage of tough ideas, and want to change and become a more flexible person, stretching is the direction that you need. While stretching the spine, muscles, and joints, even if you do not realize it, consciousness is transformed, and with time, training will give you an excellent result.

Yoga is not for the body, but for the mind

The best practice for those who wish to influence their minds with the help of the body is yoga. After the first lessons, you will notice that you have become more calm, balanced, harmonious. Yogic practices help you to open up your potential, become more loving, and activates the flow of energy in your body, which will lead to increased efficiency and a qualitative change in thinking. In combination with regular meditations, yoga gives amazing results and is capable of radically changing consciousness.

Jogging for a better life

Each of us is familiar with a state close to meditation. This is when while jogging or walking for a long time alone, the stream of thought stops in your mind, and the surrounding world disappears. Before you go outside or step on the treadmill, ask yourself what is your end goal for meditation? What do you want to understand or change during it? When you enter the right state, let your question or task pop up in the mind – now just keep running or walking and waiting for an answer. It will come from the depths of your self.

Development of willpower

If you find it difficult to finish a task which you have started recently, starting a training in any sports field can really help. It does not matter whether you will be swimming, exercising in the gym or doing aerobics – it is important to set a goal and go methodically to its implementation. Regular training helps develop self-discipline, and strength of character. This helps you to achieve the desired goals and fulfill the promises given to yourself. A nice bonus is your beautiful physical shape and excellent health.


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