Ways to Increase Appetite in Kids


Prior to making your conclusion as to why your child is losing his/her appetite, it’s very crucial to know the actual causes of the problem. Most parents tend to compare their kids with neighbors & if they see that their kid isn’t eating as much as other kids, they come to the conclusion that their child is losing his/her appetite.

Major causes of the problem with appetite in kids:

1. Anemia
2. Intestinal Worms
3. Constipation
4. Anorexia nervosa
5. Sickness
6. Slow growth rate
7. Depression
8. Medication
9. Stress

Tips for parents to solve the problem:

1. Set the time of the meal clearly. Family members should gather at the same time. The main emphasis should be made on eating dishes with an appetite. The conversation needs to be polite and calm. Quarrels and punishments should be avoided at the table in order to give your child a positive environment.

2. Cancel snacks. At an inopportune time, cookies, sweets, and sandwiches must be banned. Munching on snacks before dinner should be forbidden to everyone, otherwise, the child might think that they are only forbidden for him/her.

3. Make the food look delicious. If the food looks appetizing, the kid will not have to be forced to eat. Decorate the dish with unusually cut vegetables & use bright colored utensils.

4. Do not entertain the child while eating. Watching TV while eating may develop a pernicious habit in your child and lead to obesity.

5. Increase outdoor walks. The more active your child is, the healthier his appetite will be. The root of constant “satiety” of a child can be hidden in a lack of activity on the street. If the energy is in excess, then there is no sense in replenishing the stock. Allocate at least 2 hours a day for this event.

6. Take into account the opinion of the child. Find useful products that the kid adores, and cook them more often. Ask for lunch (the practice of “eat what you give” is not very constructive). Let him help you while you are cooking: the child will be happy to eat his own pancake. If a child starts to manipulate you and refuses everything except chocolate, do not insist and do not argue. His best teacher will be hunger before dinner.

In addition to the above, you can increase the appetite of a child with a number of fruits such as apples, strawberry, kiwi, citrus, etc.

An hour before eating, you can give your child 50 grams of fruit salad with honey (it has a beneficial effect on the digestive system). Or treat him with a slice of orange – acidic foods contribute to the production of gastric juice.

By applying the above-mentioned tips, you will start noticing a great difference in the eating habits of your child in no time. So make sure you give them a try and report your results in the comments section below.


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