How to Treat Cough in Children?

cold sneezing kids

In order to protect the body from viruses and bacteria, cough makes its way into the human body. It can be accompanied by a fever, a runny nose, unpleasant pains in the throat, and can be both in a wet and dry form.

In any case, when a child has a cough, he/she should immediately be shown to the pediatrician and immediately treated, also it is not a bad idea to supplement the cough treatment with home remedies and medications. And in any case, do not wait for the appearance of other symptoms.

If the child only coughs without any other symptoms, you can easily treat the disease at home. A bed rest accompanied with warm, boiled milk with honey or radish juice with honey can be effective in relieving the symptoms at home. If a cough is observed in an adult child, inhalations are needed that remove all phlegm from the mucous airways.

If the disease continuous throughout the day, then it might be an indication of excessive sputum that constantly accumulates and goes out. In order to determine the presence of inflammation in a child, and the effect of cough, the doctor may advise a blood test.

Also, special ointments can help. Thanks to their warming properties they offer enhanced blood circulation when you apply them on the back and chest.

If the child is sick with an acute respiratory infection, the cough can last for a longer period, it all depends on the degree of infection. If after two weeks or more it still has not passed, you must definitely see a doctor, perhaps he will write antibiotics and identify the nature of the inflammation to eliminate symptoms of pneumonia.

In any case, when you see serious symptoms of cough in a child, you need to urgently consult a doctor!


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