Top Health Benefits of Pine Pollen

Pine pollen tincture benefits

The use of pine pollen as a nutritive tonic powder is popular these days across the globe. It is collected from different species of the pine tree & consumed like a dietary pill.

Containing both DHEA as well as testosterone, pine pollen can help enhance immune functions while also boosting enzymatic antioxidants such as superoxide dismutase and glutathione.

There are different species of pine that grow across the globe, however, one thing which is identical in all of them is they produce pollen rich cones. These tiny grains create a yellowish dust intended to blow several miles far from its source.

Pine pollen, that originates from genus Pinus typically is wild harvested from the pine tree species like Pinus massoniana or Pinus sylvestris for commercial purposes. Nevertheless, you can gather the pollen powder from any species of the pine tree and is quite common seasonal in alpine surroundings.

Pine pollen powder contains plenty of testosterone hormone along with other phytosterols & androgens. Also, pine tree pollen helps in maintaining the right ratio between both male and female sex hormones.

The pollen of pine tree is a very powerful extract and can be used by adults in the age range from 40 to 50. Plus, it can help neutralize the hormonal imbalances which tend to occur as you age. After you pass the age of 50, the capacity of your body to produce testosterone declines rapidly leading to andropause in men and menopause in women.

In general, pollen extract should not be consumed by kids and must be avoided by teenagers who produce sufficient amount of testosterone in their body.

History of Pine Pollen

Pine pollen was heavily used by Asian countries, mainly Korea and China, due to the number of nutrients offered by it and its capacity to enhance the immune system and energy levels in the human body.

Today, it’s still being used in some parts of Korea & China as a food item. No wonder why countries in Asia seem to rule the pine pollen industry as majority of pine pollen items are sourced from these regions.

What is Pine Pollen?

You can find as many as 175 species in family Pinaceae & the genus Pinus, all producing pollen. Majority of the commercially available pine pollens originate from Pinus sylvestris or Pinus massoniana species.

Pines, in general, are monoecious, meaning they produce both female & male pine cones on the same tree. The pollen produced by the pine tree does not originate from female pine cones, as most people think, but from ‘catkin’ (male cone). This is a soft spiky-shoot which buds each year during early spring. The catkin produces pollen used so as to fertilize female pine-cones.

The microscopic grains are typically spherical in shape & have a shape similar to the Disney character Mickey Mouse when you observe it using a microscope.

Most parts of pine tree can be used as herbs and are good for consumption. In fact, the pine tree was considered sacred by Native Americans due to the number of food resources it offers.

Pine Pollen Tincture: Does It Cause Allergy?

If you reside in a surrounding that contains a large volume of pollen dust, it would be very difficult for you to prevent inhaling the dust from going into your body. However, in spite of their large volume, they hardly result in allergic symptoms or hay fever which is common among species such as ragweeds or other species of grass.

Pine tree pollen although is created in huge amounts by the same tree, nevertheless it’s not a primary cause of pollen related allergies in most individuals since the elements in this tree are not as likely to result in allergic reactions.

Pine Pollen Benefits

1. Acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory herb

Pine pollen powder can be a rich source of powerful anti-inflammatory agents & antioxidants that can greatly relieve post-workout inflammation as well as help you recover from stress and exercise session rapidly.

Few of the recent studies also proved that the compounds in pine pollen extract can also slow the process of aging whilst also minimizing the symptoms associated with arthritis.

2. Promotes stable production of hormones in men and women

By consuming pine pollen powder on a regular basis, you can get all the micro-nutrients essential for optimal functioning of the endocrine structure, such as zinc, minerals, magnesium, etc.

Combination of micro-nutrients along with the androgenic hormones helps encourage: muscle mass, faster exercise recovery, and better performance in the bed.

Increased production of essential hormones can help enhance sex-drive & libido. It can also improve breast health and minimize menopausal symptoms in women while boosting prostate and testicular health in men. This results in a rapid fat loss via faster metabolic activities.

3. Natural bodybuilding supplement

Some of the phyto-androgenic hormones contained in the pine pollen supplement include testosterone, androstenedione, androsterone, and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).

Pine pollen, due to its rich testosterone content can be a powerful natural supplement for weightlifters, athletes, and men with low testosterone levels.

Phyto-androgens are seen as an effective source to promote muscle mass, enhance endurance and strength, and boost overall mental and physical well-being in both the genders.

Also, since these hormones are used by the body in their natural form, they won’t result in any side effects associated with the intake of synthetic androgenic or anabolic steroids.

4. Pine pollen powder can be a cheap source of multivitamins

Containing well over 200 micro-nutrients, pine pollen extract is also a great source of minerals like zinc, copper, potassium, iron, etc.

By adding pine pollen tincture or powder into your daily diet, you can easily get all the essential nutrients required by your body on a regular basis.

5. A perfect post-workout supplement

Pine pollen supplement packs powerful amino acids & is seen as a complete source of protein. Thus, it can be an ideal replacement to harmful post-workout supplementation which derives most of their amino acids from soy protein powder.

6. A major source of DHEA

Lower amounts of DHEA can negatively impact the health and production of necessary hormones in your body.

As you age, the production of DHEA starts declining which leads to natural loss of muscle fibers along with other signs of aging.

Lastly, reduced DHEA levels may negatively affect the functioning of immune function and cause depression, lower libido, cognitive issues, and unnecessary weight gain.

The right levels of DHEA can help you prevent these conditions.

7. Pine pollen tincture can help enhance your mood

Being a healthy source of phyto-testosterone, pine pollen tincture promotes the feelings of well-being and enthusiasm in a very short period of time.

Plus, the phenylalanine content in it helps boost dopamine levels in the brain, acting act as a natural mood enhancer.

8. Promotes the development of healthy skin cells

Arginine is found naturally in pine pollen along with MSM (which is rich in sulfur). Both of these elements are used heavily in treating various skin disorders. Besides, sulfur helps in the production of collagen and keratin, two primary elements necessary for healthy development of hair, nails, & skin tissues.

Androgen steroids further help in supporting tissue development and minimizing the loss of elastin and collagen which play a key role in promoting healthy skin cells. Pine pollen besides, is widely used by women in Asian countries as a result of its beautifying elements, and contribution towards a youthful and healthy appearing skin when utilized either in a powdered form or in a topical form.

Pine Pollen Types:

1. Extract

Pine pollen extract is basically a tinctured alcohol-based solution of the powder, available in different proportions.

2. Fresh Harvested

This is a raw powder which is gathered from catkins.

3. Bulk Powder

This is a commercially sold powder and is mainly cell wall broken for making absorption easier.

4. Tablets or Capsules

Pine pollen capsules contain its powder which is compressed into a tablet or encapsulated in gel caps.

How to Use?

The pine pollen powder comes with a mild flavor of the pine tree. It can be intaken with other foodstuffs, mixed into water or blended with other liquids. You can also add it into different desserts just similar to a flour component.

In case you reside in an alpine surrounding, we highly suggest to harvest the pollen on your own. You can also use additional herbs such as passion flower, Japanese knotweed or nettle root in a tincture since they can help promote better absorption of the testosterone hormone in your body.

Based on your personal health objectives, you can consume it either as a powder or tincture or both.

However, pine pollen tincture can be more effective if you want to boost your testosterone levels while the powder can be more helpful in other ways. While consuming it as a tincture, it’s suggested to keep it under the tongue or in your mouth for no less than a minute prior to swallowing it in order to pass maximum amount inside the bloodstream.

While you are intaking pine pollen supplements, it’s essential that you take small breaks & take them at random times in order to avoid creating any resistance, similar to that in the case of insulin.

If you take insulin, for instance at 9 a.m. on a consistent basis, what will happen is your body will create resistance to it. The same thing applies to pine pollen extract or supplements.

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