Early Signs Of Diabetes You May Miss


The main danger of diabetes is that the pre-diabetic condition develops gradually over many years and often it does not have obvious symptoms. But people with a predisposition to diabetes have the opportunity to notice certain symptoms. The main signs are the growing resistance to insulin and the inability to handle food properly. These are the two most important aspects of prediabetes. If these symptoms are detected, the person still has the opportunity to take certain measures to prevent and prevent diabetes.

Warning Sign No. 1: a constant feeling of fatigue and lethargy, especially after eating

Have you noticed the location to the fact that you want to fall asleep right after a plentiful meal? The first sign that your body reacts to the influx of carbohydrates. It would be a normal reaction, but if this happens often and practically after every meal, then your body sends a message that there are too many carbohydrates in your diet.

After eating, as a rule, all carbohydrates – be it a donut or carrots – are absorbed into the bloodstream (glucose). This is the main source of energy in the body. As a result, blood containing glucose enters the pancreas and then this organ receives a signal to release insulin, the hormone it produces to help cells use glucose.

In our body, this is an established system. But it happens that a diet containing many simple carbohydrates, such as sugar, white flour and sugary drinks, suppresses the process of using glucose by the body as a result of using carbohydrates. And the consequences are deplorable, the receptors of cells eventually stop absorption of insulin. A large amount of glucose begins to accumulate in the blood, while the needy cells do not receive it at all. And as a result, a person begins to feel sleepy, maybe even it becomes harder for him to think.

What can help to avoid such an organism reaction: choose diet with more complex carbohydrates, such as whole grains (barley, oats, quinoa, polba, brown rice), vegetables and whole fruits (not juices). It is also extremely important and useful to move immediately after eating – walking, even washing dishes will help the body to digest carbohydrates more easily.

Warning Sign No. 2: “Carbohydrate Thirst”

Early diagnosis

To get the body the necessary amount of sugar, you need to monitor its intake in food. For example, among the most desirable products in this case are often chocolate, chips and French fries. These products contain a lot of sugar, salt and fat – these are exactly the substances that taste so good, and make the system of rewarding the brain “catch fire”, which requires them more and more.

Everyone knows that simple carbohydrates are processed very quickly, and thus provide the body with “fast energy”. But the consequences are deplorable, the pancreas begins to produce more and more insulin to cope with arriving glucose. As a result, there is a sharp drop in blood sugar in a person.

What can greatly help in the difficult struggle with our craving for harmful food. Can help a simple advice with the replacement of fast carbohydrates like sweets or chips for eating “slow” carbohydrates: a handful of nuts, a banana, carrots.

Warning Sign No. 3: overweight

Most people who are in the pre-diabetic state, often have excess weight. The mere fact of having extra pounds in large quantities is the a very crucial risk element for developing diabetes. What especially should become an important symptom is when you try to reduce calories, and as a result you do not see any result for your figure. This means that cells “starve” because they need “fuel” (in the form of glucose). Therefore, all those few calories that you take for food immediately go directly to the “vault”. The result is deferred fat.

What can help in this case: try not to lose weight quickly, it’s stress for your body. One way out: very slow and gradual weight loss, by changing your daily diet and, of course, increasing physical activity.

Warning Sign No. 4: Your figure resembles more like an apple than a pear

Signs of diabetes

If in your case there is an increase in weight in some particular area of ​​the body. For example, in the middle part – especially associated with insulin resistance and prediabetes. In this case, weight gain around the waist and abdomen (visceral fat) is considered more dangerous than fat on the hips. The big belly is associated with higher blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and a dangerous level of cholesterol – all these are risk factors for the development of diabetes.

What can help in this situation: this is a strict diet, loss of excess weight and active physical exercise. Physical activity plays an important role, because when you “build” muscles and exercise physical activity on the body, you increase the number of enzymes. It is these enzymes that can absorb glucose as a fuel source for all cells.

Warning sign No. 5: high blood pressure

Too high blood pressure is especially associated with the pre-diabetic state of the body. When high blood pressure is manifested in combination with excess weight (especially on the stomach), fatigue and other negative medical indicators (abnormal levels of cholesterol and triglycerides), these are the most basic symptoms of prediabetes. As a result, your blood becomes sticky and more viscous, increases its coagulability, which subsequently makes it more difficult to move it throughout the body.

What can help in this case: weight loss slowly through changes in your diet and increased physical exertion on your body.


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