Why You Should Combine Diets with Sports?


Many girls who want to lose weight decide to abstain from playing sports and resort exclusively to sitting on strict diets. Yes, constantly limiting itself in the consumption of most of the products, you can achieve weight loss. However, there are at least five reasons why this way you can only lose a few kilograms, but not get a great figure and, in addition, do a lot of harm to their health.

On the first place in the list of cons of attempts to lose weight without playing sports – the need for a strong reduction of the usual diet. During active physical training the body loses additional calories, thereby giving the slimming girl the opportunity to eat at dinner a little more. If you do not go in for sports, you do not have such a “stock” of calories you have spent.

Sharp restriction of caloric content of consumed food is the reason of the second minus – metabolic slowdown. With regular physical exertion, metabolism, on the contrary, is accelerated, ensuring maximum burning of calories.

Thirdly, do not forget that when losing weight without physical exertion, the skin loses its elasticity, becomes sluggish and flabby. During training, the influx to the skin of the blood increases, and, as is known, the increased blood supply to the skin prevents its sagging.

The fourth drawback of the lack of exercise is the point that not all parts of the body lose weight when sitting on even the strictest diet. Someone has the problem of not disappearing folds on the sides, someone can not cope with too plump tummy, and most of the slimming girls face the problem inside of the thigh. With the right selection of physical exercises that emphasize problem areas of the body, stimulation of blood circulation helps to successfully cope with the excess fat layer.

And the last important problem is that if you lose weight without regular exercise, you will never achieve a harmonious, relief figure. So, if your goal – not just skin and bones, but also attractive shapes – you will find a sports hall.


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