Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight for Women


Experts know how to stop worrying about not involuntarily getting better by typing a few extra pounds. This is especially true on the eve of the hot summer and the opening of the beach season. Listen to the advice of professionals and use the ten most effective recommendations.

It is necessary to increase muscle mass

This means that it is desirable to train using weights. The fact is that the muscles are a metabolically active matter, they need calories. The more muscle mass, the more calories you need to support them. Accordingly, the more you can eat and lose the fat.


Forty-five minutes of aerobic workouts can help to burn about 500 kilo calories, and fat burning also increases.

There is little need, but often

With frequent meals it is possible to maintain an energy constant level, to prevent the emergence of severe hunger.

Be creative when preparing food

This means: when you really want pizza, take a thin pita, low-fat mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, greens. You can get excellent pizza, which fully meets the diet requirement.

You need to eat food that is rich in fiber

Salads, green leafy vegetables can fill the stomach, cleanse the intestines. At the same time there are negligible calories.

Prepare a cocktail

If you feel hunger between meals, it is not forbidden to drink a cocktail that is low in carbohydrates and high in protein.

When you want dessert

Prepare yourself jelly without using sugar. This dish is prepared easily. In addition, there are relatively few calories.

Eat green tea and spices

Cayenne pepper, red pepper, piquant sauce, chili can not only improve the taste of even non-calorie food without adding too much calories, but also ensure, as the scientists say, a pronounced thermogenic effect that helps burn more fat.

Do not need to carry small money with you

It is believed that when your pocket is empty, so will your stomach, no matter how much you meet in the way of the diners and food stalls.

It is worth keeping a food journal

In this journal you need to record everything that you have to eat and drink, it is also important to count calories. Nutritionists are convinced: this is – almost the only way to be 100% sure that you are not transcending the limits of your calorie rate.


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