4 Daily Activities That Can Help You Lose Weight


Sometimes, your body only needs some adjustments to accelerate your mechanism and lose weight. How much do you try to lose weight every day? You just need to follow a series of daily activities to lose weight in a healthy way.

If you are one of the people who go to the gym daily for a few hours and eat healthy, you are on the right track. However, there are some daily activities to lose weight that are much simpler.

Even if you do not have much free time, these activities are very easy to incorporate into your life. You will see that sometimes it is not necessary to invest more time in the gym.

Take note and start making small changes.

1. Get enough sleep

Taking sufficient sleep on a regular basis allows your body to not only recover the lost energy but also speed up the metabolic rate. When you do not sleep the hours you require, your odds of experiencing obesity and diabetes increases. This is because lack of sleep decreases insulin sensitivity and facilitates weight gain. If you add high doses of caffeine and poor diet to this, you are likely to add extra pounds in a short period of time.

For these reasons, if you have not been able to sleep well, try to eat healthy and avoid coffee that day. Then, try to recover the sleep hours as soon as possible. In case you are not able to sleep for at least 7 hours, take small naps.

2. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits

Eating natural and healthy foods may seem very obvious but it is common to find people eating processed foods all the time.

To reduce cravings and avoid trans fats, salt, and cholesterol, it is best to eliminate processed food completely. It is also important to avoid the trap of processed foods that look healthy. here we refer to those vegetables or fruits that have gone through a state of freezing or preservation. When buying your frozen foods, check labels to rule out sweeteners.

Fruits and vegetables

In any case, remember that the best ones are those that you buy fresh. To save money, choose seasonal ones or create your own garden at home.

3. Chew your food several times

This may seem like a myth but it is the exactly the opposite. By chewing food several times, you help your body to digest food in a better way whilst accumulating less fat.

This happens because your body secretes the right amount of saliva to process the food. The result is better absorption of nutrients and the feeling of fullness for a longer duration.

Ideally, during your meals:

Eliminate all distractions and focus only on what you are eating.
Eat slowly.
Serve small portions in small plates.
Start with vegetables and protein-rich foods.
Remove the salt shaker from the table to avoid the temptation to add extra salt to your food.

4. Walk as much as you can

We know that exercising is important and if you spend several hours in the gym you may think that is enough. However, that physical activity must be maintained throughout the day.

We recommend avoiding the car as much as possible. Try to cover short distances without taking a ride. For longer distances, see if you could take an extra time to walk or ride a bicycle.

This will help your body keep moving and burn calories all the time.

Additional tips on how to increase your daily walking:

1. Walk while talking on the phone.
2. Climb the stairs and avoid the elevator at all times.
3. Go for a walk when you’re bored instead of watching television.
4. Park the car somewhat away from your destination.
5. Perform activities that involve movement with your children instead of being distracted by the cell phone.
6. Take your dog for a walk.


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